Hey you’ve reached my website! Welcome.

I hope you’ll check out my photos while you’re here (they’re my favorite). And maybe read some nerdy blog posts when I get around to making them.

About me

My name is Matt Foxx Duncan. I am a full-stack developer by day and a hobbyist photographer when I’m not staring at a screen. Currently I reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I bicycle way more than drive. Hip-hop, jazz, and electronic sounds in any combination make me smile.

I work for Fulfillment.com as an in-house Senior Developer and battle the chaos of package logistics on a daily basis. These days I work primarily with Javascript in ReactJS/Redux and PHP though I dabble in anything that can interest me and provide a challenging goal.

On the photography side I use Canon gear and shoot everything and anything. I lean towards natural light and landscape photography but the strobes and studio modifiers in my closet do not gather dust. Please reach out to me if you are interested in collaborating! Personal/artistic endeavours will always be pro-bono or close to it. Commercial work is on an individual basis.

Finally, I’d like thank greg lobinski for stellar work he did creating the base code for this blog. It’s dynamite and you should buy him a beer.